Movin’ on up…

We are celebrating tonight BECAUSE we are at 97% of our monthly support goal! Some friends joined our team as a surprise last night at dinner – HOW THANKFUL WE ARE FOR THEM!!!!  The end is in sight and we are just thankful that the Lord has provided so much for us. We are anticipating being done this summer so we can start working with students full time when school starts this fall at KU! Would you keep us in your prayers and ask God to help us finish quickly?

I realize that I am not doing such a good job keeping up my blog posts so I thought I would give a quick family update:

We have a sweet one year old girl who is sassier than ever and precious to us. She says please in sign language now and has quickly learned that it melts our hearts so she can get pretty much everything. She likes to talk on the phone and loves to throw things away (helpful when it is dirty diapers -not helpful when it is my sunglasses, pan lids, or phones). Here is a picture from her at her SUPER fun first birthday party.

Next up for us is another month of support raising and hopefully finishing!! After that we will head to Ft. Collins, CO in July for our summer staff conference. There will be 5,000 Campus Crusade staff members there. We are looking forward to it because we are in need of refreshment and direction from the Lord as we look to starting ministry on campus in the fall. We look forward to hearing from Francis Chan (or as I like to call him FranChan) and worship lead by David Crowder. A concert from Tenth Avenue North is also planned for our time at the conference! So fun – especially since our dorm room will have air conditioning : )

In the meantime, I will try to update our blog with stories and happenings from our summer. We hope and pray that you (whoever you are) are enjoying the Lord’s presence this summer and experiencing His love.



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