Time flies when we’re having fun!

I can’t believe that I have been so bad about putting pictures and stories up on the blog the past few weeks. We have been busy for sure. The Lord has gifted us with new support and encouraging appointments with partners. We are at 89% of our final goal! YEA! In the meantime, we have kept busy! I thought I would put up a few fun pictures and fill you all in on some fun times..


I got to spend an AMAZING few days with my bestie Stephanie and throw her a super fun (well in my opinion it was) wedding shower! I love Steph and I am so excited for her to be married to DJ – her SUPER WONDERFUL FIANCE.

I made her play a silly shower game. I think she had 9 grapes in her mouth when I snapped this shot. Sorry Ste, you made the blog : ) While she was in town, Josh let us have slumber parties in bed and he took the couch – because he is wonderful. Anyways, we just had a sweet sweet moment one night when we caught a glimpse of the Lord’s faithfulness and steadfast love for us. We met in college when Steph wasn’t even a Christian and I was a new baby believer. Now, we look at our lives and the Lord’s good gifts to us and we are amazed at the One who could love us more than anything and do more than we could ask or imagine. Yep, we cried for a bit and fell asleep praising Jesus.

New news – Ruth walks. Everywhere. She loves to explore. My favorite is when she holds my hand and we walk into a building together or down the aisles at the store. PRECIOUS. The next few pictures are from Josh’s Dad’s surprise birthday party in Raymore last weekend. Curt turned 60 so all four of his sons came into town to take him to the Royals game.

We had a blast last weekend with family and of course it was so fun celebrating with Curt. Ruth also LOVED playing with her cousin Adelyn. They took a bath together and dried off with their adorable new towels that their Aunt Maureen made for them. These girls are loved like WHOA.

Probably my favorite moment of the weekend was Ruth and Adelyn playing in Sophie Dog’s cage. They were entertained for such a long time. Notice that Adelyn took her pants off because Ruth had hers off. They played so well together. I think they will be besties one day! Sweet Adelyn loved baby Ruth!

And we are caught up. This picture is from yesterdays walk at Clinton Lake here in Lawrence. Ruth was so happy to be outside. My legs are still sore from jogging part of the trail. The best part was that my mom was here to enjoy it with us. We had such a great weekend together. I will post some pics later this week of Ru in the dress Mom helped me sew for her. Where are pictures of Ruth and Grandma? I love my momma too much to post pictures of her makeup free in her sweats – in fact, the only picture I have of her in this natural state, I had to sneak : ) You are beautiful Momma and you don’t even need the makeup!

Hope you all are having a good month! Are you loving the warm weather?


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