mama days

Could I love the staff ladies I work with more?!? I don’t think so. Its just not possible. They are great. On top of being great, fun, SAFE, kind, funny ladies – they are FANTASTIC MAMAS!

We took the babies and Aaron to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Lawrence a few weeks ago and had so much fun. 

We had a front row seat to watch the semi interesting parade (Aaron called it the “festival”). The really fun part though was visiting and laughing together. We laughed while Rebecca (on the left) went into full force Parade Mom Mode helping Aaron get every piece of candy possible. And we laughed while Paige and Ruth watched the parade with weaning interest.

Praise God for these ladies. They are so faithful to work hard with college students and then they are great wives and mothers in the meantime! LOVE THEM!


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