Reunion Weekend

What a weekend I am coming down from. This morning Josh graciously let me sleep in until 8 am because I was TUCKERED OUT! We had 5 amazing house guests for the weekend – some of my besties from college! Cindi, Ashley, Bekah, Debbie, and Kendall joined Ruth and I in Lawrence for our annual house reunion. It was life-giving, soul-nourishing, and plain fun. I met these girls my freshman year of college in a Bible Study led by our friend (and fellow Crusade staff member Sheila). We lived together the next year in a house we named The Palace. After all, we are daughters of the King!

Here is a weekend run-down…. Friday night was chicken tortilla soup and lots of cuddling. Ruth happens to be getting some teeth so she was fussy but luckily for her she had 5 aunts to hold her. Late night updates on life and what God is teaching us started the weekend off right for sure. Saturday morning we had more time to chat over coffee. Ruth took advantage of her Aunt’s and went a bit nuts with the prunes…

It was so sweet of the Lord to give us this weekend. As I told the girls about my constant prayer for Ruth, we realized it was exactly what God had been doing in our lives since college. I always pray for her to have eyes to see God’s Kingdom – that as she grows up she wouldn’t want to go through life with blinders on, but instead she would see people and culture the way God does. I pray that the lenses she views the world through are Gospel colored – always seeing the depravity of people’s souls who don’t know Jesus, always praying that He would make sadness in people’s lives untrue, that He would right wrongs, and bring justice to the oppressed. It was a tender moment as we expressed that God had been teaching each of us these things and that He had started a lot of this in us during our time together in college! I am totally confident that He will continue His good work in our lives, and the lives of our husbands and kiddos down the road.

Saturday afternoon brought lunch and shopping on Mass street. It was really neat to show the girls my favorite part of town. And we topped off the weekend with yummy pancake dinner on Saturday night. Oh what a sweet sweet time it was. But now I am sure you understand why I needed that extra hour of morning sleep : )

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