Wedding Weekend

We just arrived home from our second trip to Denver, Colorado this month. The first was for our Campus Crusade Christmas Conference for 10 days. It was a blast but we already sent out a newsletter about that – it is in the mail as of today! So this trip was for a good friend’s wedding. I (Maddi) met Amanda on our Crusade Summer Project (Campus Crusade term for a mission trip) in the summer of 2007. We just clicked! I love her heart for the Gospel. So when Josh and I got married, we asked her to give the homily.

Needless to say, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. It was a amazing ceremony – so life-giving. Praise God for what He has done to bring Matt and Amanda together! Josh and I both left the wedding feeling like we loved God more. We also got to love on each other since Ruth slept in my best friends arms while we danced the night away.

To end a wonderful weekend we spent Sunday at our friend Sheila’s house and it just so happens that my best friend Stephanie lives in her basement. We spent the day helping Stephanie and her fiance, DJ (a WONDERFUL man), wedding plan. I am so excited for their May wedding also. Stephanie just happens to be a super gifted photographer also. In true Auntie fashion, she had a 7 month photo shoot for Ruth. Get ready, these pictures will blow your socks off.

Thank You Lord for an amazing, safe, super-fun trip!


One thought on “Wedding Weekend

  1. Mark says:

    So glad your trip to CO was great and life-giving! looking forward to hearing more updates from you both! Regan and I are discussing a visit to Lawrence!

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