Back to School

After a whirlwind July & August, all of a sudden school is back in session and I can’t believe how quickly my kids are growing up.

IMG_2015The first to go back to school was our BIG BOY. He was SO excited. He loves learning! And we are so thrilled to be back at our beloved preschool after a year off last year. His sweet teachers have known him since he was 2 days old. I have a feeling he is going to be loved on BIG time this year.
IMG_2017Micah’s teacher sent me a picture on his first day just to calm my worries and show me how happy my baby-errrr- big boy was.
IMG_2049Next up, KU is back in session. Our littles wanted to go with us to Union Fest to tell all the new freshman that they can be a part of Cru!
IMG_2039Our crazy clan. 5jZmFZtLR42Ufd+clGAMYQSome back to school shopping with our Burgess fr-amily. 194Wu%+2QrOuf8p4HZnFmALydia and Baya have BFF necklaces and it makes my heart want to explode. IMG_2076Abi and I got to go to Haskell with Dad and invite students to FCA. IMG_2077Abi thinks Daddy is just about the greatest.IMG_2086And yesterday my big girls started 1st and 3rd grade. I didn’t have time to cry because it was a mess of a morning! I didn’t buy back to school lunch stuff. Lost water bottles. Their new skirts were WAY too big and falling off. Closed toed shoes are all thats allowed at school but they were all too small… oh well. The chaos kept my tears away! And none of it mattered much anyways. They were thrilled to be back. IMG_2085Ruth preferred a picture outside and requested no hugs or kisses in front of friends. I begrudgingly obliged because she is sweet as can be. IMG_2087Bitty was so so so excited to get back to her girlfriends. She came home talking a million miles a minute and telling us ALL the stories. IMG_2091They gave me lots of snuggles yesterday after school and I was really happy about it. IMG_1880And now I get two whole mornings a week alone with this precious chunk and I am so thrilled. Today we celebrated by going to her 8 month check up and now she is snoozing after a booster shot. Post shot naps are the BEST because they are always extra long. So this Mama is munching on some granola, catching up on work emails, and updating the blog while Micah watches some after school tv.

I hope everyone else has had a great time getting back into the swing of school! Thanks for stopping by to read about our four favorite kiddos!


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