Send Joy is Back!

Can I be honest with you? August sucks. Busy everything. Busy everyone. Back to school chaos. Our job turns into a crazy maker for a short season. And my kiddos are all transitioning big time. True story, yesterday I took a pregnancy test even though I knew I wasn’t pregnant (we aren’t trying to grow our family right now) because I thought there HAD to be a reason I had cried every day for a week. Turns out, I’M NOT PREGNANT and August just sucked. Ha. I’m sure if you and I grabbed a coffee this week, you had some sucky August moments you could share with me too.

SIDENOTE: August had *some* amazing moments too. Our babies are back to school and loving it (most days). IMG_4263IMG_4272IMG_4287IMG_4257IMG_4278

Monday, Rebecca and I were laughing about how I have always loved “Sweet September” and we were thinking up new options if September follows in August’s footsteps. Lets just say, “Sucky September” was the most tame of my ideas. But Jesus has been waking me up to spend time with Him and helping me pray over some of the hard things we are facing. And this morning I heard him speak “Sweet September is coming” to my heart. And by his grace, I am going to walk by faith, not by sight. So friends, want to walk by faith into a sweet September with me?

What better way to launch into September than with Send Joy!?!?! Last year it was super fun and 100 women participated. Actually, I had to close it within 3 days because it filled up. What is Send Joy you ask?

Here’s the big idea: This swap is open to the first 100 people to sign up now through September 3. On September 4 or 5, I will email you the name & address of someone in the swap and I will email someone else your name and address. You have about 2 weeks to put together a gift box to Send Joy to someone else in the swap. When your box is complete, you will toss it in the mail to whomever you get assigned to send one to! I will send a reminder email to everyone on September 15 that it is the last day to send your box.

That means this month you will have the opportunity to Send Joy to another woman, who like you & I, is fighting to find sweet moments to savor, in the midst of our crazy! How fun is this!?!?! And if all goes according to plan, you will walk out to your mailbox one day this month to find a box full of joy waiting for you! Here are some ideas of boxes people sent to each other last year (thanks for letting me pull your pictures off Instagram)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.33.21 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.33.03 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.33.45 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.31.38 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.34.26 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.31.16 AM

So if you are still with me and thinking, YES I AM IN!!!… let me answer some questions you might have, and then I will tell you how to get your name on the list…

How much do I spend on my Send Joy box? I suggest between 10 & 20 dollars before shipping, but feel free to use your creative skills to hand make items to save money! Just remember that you are trying to make someone’s day with the box you send. Please don’t participate if you don’t have an extra 10 or 20 dollars available this month. I would hate for you to feel too stretched and there is always next year!

How do I guarantee that I will get one in return? There is no guarantee. But I seem to remember hearing somewhere it is better to give than to receive. And as long as everyone actually follows through on their commitment, you will get one in the mail this month!

What if I am known for getting really excited and not following through, should I still sign up?NO WAY! Listen, if you still have christmas packages in your trunk to send from last year, I think you should pass on this one🙂 Seriously, just know yourself and don’t participate if you won’t follow through with Send Joy.

How will I know what the person I am assigned to Send Joy to will like? You won’t, but thats kind of the fun of it. Just put together a box that screams joy to you and I’m sure we will all love whatever we get in return. And for sure include a sweet note with warm wishes to your recipient!

Ok ready to join me??? Here’s how:

  1. Send me an email with #SENDJOY in the subject line. And put your first name, last name, and address in the message. My email address is PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE
  2. I will email you by September 5 with a name & address that you are assigned to make a box and Send Joy to. Check your spam if you don’t get one from me by then.
  3. Make your Send Joy box and send it as soon as you want to or as late as September 15. I will send out one reminder email.
  4. Try to wait patiently as you check the mail every day! Eeeek!
  5. When you get your box, send a thank you note, or post a picture on social media with#sendjoy so we can share the joy!
  6. I will post an update here when the swap is full and closed : ) So assume that its not and email me now!

I am soooooooooooo excited! Feel free to share this link on Facebook or pull a pic for Instagram so your friends can join me & my friends and we can all Send Joy!



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