Why our house is the perfect house….

I have totally been avoiding this. We’ve sold our house and we are moving to a new completely not new, super ugly house THIS MONTH. Instead of embracing reality, I am enjoying life in my pretty house and I have packed exactly zero boxes. Take that stupid adulting.

We aren’t leaving our town or our jobs;  just changing houses and moving a few neighborhoods away. See, back in January my adventuresome hubs suggested putting our house up for sale because we were likely to make a significant profit if we sold it in the current market. After lots of conversations, we decided not to, because I didn’t want to move. It sounded stressful, and tedious, and did I mention we leave on May 15 to move our family to Orlando for 7 weeks and lead a mission trip??? Timing seemed too hard so we pulled the plug on putting our house on the market. After all, we quipped, God can sell our house if he wants to whether it is on the market or not.

Fast forward to last month when my husband was in Greece for 10 days and I chatted with family friends who were looking for a townhouse in our neighborhood. They were having a hard time finding anything just right for them. They were looking for something move in ready that was updated throughout. AKA OUR HOUSE we have been sprucing up for the past 3 years.

We firmly believe God provided this opportunity for us to sell our current place and buy a house with a little more space to grow in to. And we also trust that all His ways towards us are for our good and His glory. Yet, even though my husband and kiddos are pumped for this next adventure, I find myself bummed that He has asked me to leave the house I love. Willing and extremely thankful, but still having a hard time saying goodbye.


This is the house where we learned how to DIY just about everything…and we learned the number of a good plumber when we couldn’t DIY our way out of things.

This is the house where our family built a swing set my kiddos have logged about seven million hours on.

This is the house where college students sat at our kitchen table and together we counted the cost of following Jesus. This is where they decided to go to Asia and the Middle East to tell people how much God loves them.

This is the house where our little girls asked Jesus to forgive their sins and He sealed their hearts with His Holy Spirit.

This is the house where my son learned to call us Dada and Mama.

This is the house where countless friends and missionaries have cried with us about how broken life is and also rejoiced with us when redemption sweeps in.

This is the house where we have shared meals with at least 500 people. Because breaking bread together is always sacred.

This is the house where biological family and adoptive family have shared meals, heartache, and so many smiles.

This is the house where God has met me morning after morning and whispered promised things to me about who He is and how He loves.

This house has been the perfect house.





I guess I will start packing boxes now. Because, it’s not a house that makes a home. It’s us, and Him, and His people filling it. Our new house will become perfect too. Of that I am sure.

(Ruth keeps telling people we are moving into the ugliest house in town. Its a little true. We are talking wallpaper, brass, and poop-brown paint EVERYWHERE. But I am so excited to renovate and share with you some fun pictures along the way!)

Thanks for stopping by! And reading about our big move this month. Want to come have pizza and help us paint?


2 thoughts on “Why our house is the perfect house….

  1. Sarah Gilliland says:

    I can’t wait to see how you transform poop brown into a lovely haven for tired souls craving tomato soup and grilled cheese. Some people look for a beautiful place, some beautiful people make any place home.

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