Here we go…

   Last night when 20 staff and students packed into our house for a few hours working on back to school stuff, I took a big deep breath. Ok, here we go. I have a love/hate relationship with back to school month. Part of me grieves the slower paced family time we have to give up and the other part of me, a way bigger part of me, gets so excited for the year ahead. Every year we see student after student have changed lives as they encounter Jesus. Every year, our little girls grow up a bit more into precious ladies with big huge personalities. 

Inhale. Exhale. The school year is underway. 

Students at KU start this week so Josh and I will be with the other staff and student leaders on campus meeting students and helping them get connected to Cru. Ru & Bitty love to help out when they can. Later today we are all going to go meet new freshman at a Cru BBQ…..BBCru….see what I did there? 

Ruth starts Pre-K Preschool 3 days a week and dance this year! I can’t explain in adequate words how precious little girls in tutus, staring at huge mirrors, watching their little bodies move to the music are. PRECIOUS times infinity. 


Here is Ru & her friend, Aubriella, before their first dance class last week. 


 Ruth calls this move an asante. I don’t know that that means. She also thinks ‘thank you’ in spanish is gracacitas. So cute.  


Here is our 4 year old on her first day of preschool this year. 


She has gotten so good at writing her name! 


This is when Bitty, who is convinced she is 4 also, found out she wasn’t going to school. Bless her little heart. 


We took a road trip to Manhattan to see friends last week. Vintage donuts was a must-see while we were there. 





Bitty always says, “I crack me up!”





   Thanks for stopping in and seeing what life is all about for us lately. I prayed often last year that the Lord would give us a season of joy and we are sure thankful that He has. I know that soon, a new season will come and only He knows what He has for us then, but for now, we’ll take joy! 


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