“Give them Action”

As we closed last semester and asked each other some questions, Josh and I (and our intern, Katie) closed with this question, “What do we want God to do next semester at KU.” We had many ideas and prayers to answer the question with. As I continued praying through that over the next few days, God gave me one clear thing to pray for our students and it was, “Lord, Give them Action”.

They have faith, they know Truth, they love God and they love people. Now please Lord, give them actions to show these things to be real in their lives. Their hearts have changed, give them action. I knew it would be the Lord who did that so I just prayed.

Fast forward to February and we are in the swing of things. As the semester has gotten underway, I have been amazed at how God has answered prayer. The students are amazing me as they serve in new ways. They are planning outreaches, inviting friends to Cru and Bible Studies, planning prayer groups, hosting events all with one mind and purpose – that people would see Jesus in them and want more.

I love our students with all of my heart and then some. Here are some pictures from events lately

ImageJosh reading a Bible Story to start off a Servant Team meeting


Bowling together to kick off Servant Team for the SemesterImage

My view from sitting in the back of a weekly meeting (Worship together and a Message)Image

Super Bowl Party!

And now here are some updates with family pictures : )


Lydia is getting to be such a big girl and says lots of words


Josh and I sneak off on date nights occasionally thanks to generous friends and babies that go to bed at 6:30 or 7


My best friend in the whole world, Stephanie, was in town for a few days this week and Ruth loved on her baby Boy in the oven, Beckett.

ImageMy favorite new picture in all the world. This is my life and I love it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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