We love love!

We love love here at the Fieleke house! Josh is great at romancing me in all sorts of ways. Ruth and I love to attack Josh with kisses every morning. So Valentines Day is a great day around here. We were beyond thankful because last night (actually on Valentines) some new friends from our small group offered to watch Ruth for a few hours so we could go out alone. We sat and ate YUMMY dessert at a place here in Lawrence, Tellers. It was so nice to be alone and hold hands and do all the lovey dovey stuff without sweet Ruth girl on my hip!

We wanted to do something fun as a family though, so Saturday night we set up the air mattress in our living room and ‘camped in’ for the night. It was great. We watched Shrek 3 because we thought it might keep Ruth’s attention. We were wrong. Its ok; Josh and I still liked it.

No good Valentines Day is good without some treats. I found this GREAT recipe for homemade graham crackers here.  They were fantastic – I highly recommend giving them a try. Just a side note on the recipe… I have little to no patience so I did not wait 2 hours to roll out the dough. I just put a piece of parchment paper on the top and bottom of it so I could roll it out even though it was sticky!

Here is Ruth girl with her one and only Valentine! She loved having the air mattress out. She kept climbing up onto it and then rolling right off. I have just accepted the fact I have a wild baby. I swear she has 5 bruises on her face right now from all the exploring and tumbling she does. Its great – God gave her a passion for life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I almost didn’t post this picture because my hair is looking nasty with a capital ‘N’. But I just had to do it. I love blogging and looking at blogs because it is so fun to see all the pretty pictures and perfect moments. The truth is though, that most of our moments are not perfect at all. They are just one big mess. One big beautiful mess. So I am trying to embrace the mess and own the fact that our lives are far from full of perfect moments. Expect many more pictures of messy hair, our dirty house, and chaos all around.


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