Snow Days

Last Thursday night we had our friends and co-workers Shawn and Katie over for chili and baked potatoes. We were so thankful that they made the journey out in the snow to our house because we were going STIR CRAZY! The 12″ of snow was really fun for about 2 days and then we just wanted to resume our normal activities. Silly us though, all that time together at home was a huge blessing in the end.

We love hanging with the Stetsons because they are so fun to be around. It is also so fun because their little girl Paige is a month and a half older than Ruth and we have plans for them to be best friends! It is hilarious watching the girls play because their personalities come out in big ways. Paige is cool, calm, and collected almost all the time. She has these amazing core muscles because she has been able to sit up for so long and play on her own. Then there is wild girl Ruth who loves to suck on Paige’s toes and tackle her with kisses. We actually all cheer for Paige when she takes a toy from Ruth because we want her to stick up for herself when Ruth gets a little crazy. Those sweet girls are too much fun. See for yourselves….



How did you all survive cabin fever during the blizzard? Would love to read your comments!


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