Homeschool for All

One of Abi’s favorite things to say is “What da heck?” I think her Bub taught it to her. I’ve been feeling that all week. These are uncharted waters.

I have so many questions and very few answers. I am only sure that God is good and He is faithful.

For now, I am a homeschool Mom and I am joined by millions of other Moms and Dads who have been flung into this new world too.

Here’s the thing, my kids love school. They love to learn and the only thing I care about in their schooling journey right now is for that to not change.

So I spent the day making a homeschool curriculum for 1 week. Its basic and easy and creative. The rhythm of having at least an hour of work ready for us next week will be great. My older kids have things that their school also sent home but I am going to let them work through it slowly along with this next week’s lesson.

I figured I would share it here so that anyone who wants to have lessons ready for their kiddos next week can easily print it out and go. My neighbor is a nurse at the hospital and I told her I would make this ‘shareable’ so I can help her 3 boys stay busy while she is out SAVING LIVES!

Here is our lesson plan and everything you will need if you want to use this in the coming home-bound days. African Animal Week

IMG_9768 2IMG_6514 2

Be safe, friends. Stay home. Flatten that curve. Praying for all of us.

Love, Maddi

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